Frequently Asked Questions

What is your hourly rate?

Our base hourly rate is $175 per photographer per hour.


How much will my session cost?

Session fees vary, with basic headshots starting at $95. The cost of a custom session will vary based on the time estimated to capture your photographs. Basic portrait sessions start at 30 minutes. Contact us for a quote on product photography.


What is the process for getting a quote?

Before your photography project is quoted, we have a conversation, either on the phone or in person, or through email to discuss your needs. Based on our consultation, we can determine the cost of your session.


What is the process for booking a session?

Simply call or email to set up an appointment or a pre-booking consultation. Or, you can click the Book A Session link to bring up our calendar to book online.


What happens after we take our photographs?

All photographs are made available as digital proofs in a secure on-line gallery. You select the images you like, we deliver the edited images electronically.


Can I order prints?

We don't offer printed products, but you can take your images to a printing kiosk or order from a 3rd party vendor online.


How many photographers do you work with?

The owner, Jeff Gamble, is the main photographer. On larger sessions where needed we may bring on an additional photographer.


Do you have a studio?

Yes. Our studio locations are in Denton. We have the main studio at 303 N. Carroll Boulevard in Denton, and "Studio B" at the Oak Creek Lane address. Most studio sessions are scheduled at the main location. We use Studio B for specialized sessions and for certain outdoor photographs.


Will you come to my house?

We do photograph on location. We can come to your house or to a specific location based on the needs of your session. ***Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have suspended on site sessions***


What types of photography do you perform?

We specialize in portraits and business headshots. We also do commercial work - product, architecture, etc. If you like our work, but aren’t sure if we are right for you, call or email and let’s talk about it. If we don’t think we’re right for what you want, we’ll tell you up front.


How do I access my photographs?

When your images are ready, we will send you an email with a link and password for your secure gallery. It will provide basic instructions for viewing your images and instructions for downloading, depending on your session.


What if I don’t like my pictures?

We do everything possible to take great photographs during your session. We go through the traditional proofing process so you can select your photographs. But let’s face it, they are not all winners. If you are not pleased with your photographs, we will work with you to determine what you don’t like and what you believe would make them better. In some cases, we will offer to re-shoot at our cost. If the photographs were “bad” because of something we did, we will re-shoot at our cost or issue a refund. If the photographs are “bad” because you don’t like the outfit you wore, or you don't like any photo you have ever taken, well, there’s not much we can do about that…


Can I change outfits?

Yes, as many times as you like as long as we have budgeted the time. Time allocated for your session depends on the type of photos we are taking. General rule of thumb when you are selecting an outfit, keep your photographic goal in mind. So, for example, if we are doing corporate headshots, business professional is the dress code.


Do you still use film?

As a matter of fact, yes. But not as often as we’d like, and usually for our own creative projects. For 99.9% of paid client work, we use professional Canon digital equipment. However, if you have the desire for a good old fashioned film shoot, we have a Canon AE1 35mm and a circa 1948 Speed Graphic at our disposal (among other things) and we would be tickled to use them as part of your shoot. Oh, and don't forget the classic Polaroid Land Camera! That one is always fun to use!